Facility storage tanks

Midstream Gathering

eSimulation is accelerating development of its cloud-based gathering solution portfolio – eSimGatheringTM.  eSimulation has developed several eSimGatheringTM applications that help midstream management teams to more effectively manage gathering businesses. Current eSimGatheringTM applications include:

  • Oil and Gas Volume Tracker – Identifies and quantifies losses across gathering systems on a component basis.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Captures vent and blowdown information for compressors and pipeline segments.
  • Pig Tracking – Allows the field operator to capture events such as launching a pig, receiving a pig, and any vent data from opening pig barrels
  • Facilities Monitoring (in dev) – Captures information from field operator rounds of dehyd units, amine units, and compression.
  • Condensate Inventory Management – Tracks condensate volumes, transactions, transfers, component analysis, RVPs, and water hauling activities
  • FieldSync Mobile App – Allows for mobile entry of eSimGatheringTM data

Client feedback for the Condensate Inventory Management System has been very positive with value drivers captured below: