Facility storage tanks

Midstream Processing

Fluctuating market conditions makes it essential for midstream businesses to capture all available value from their gas plant assets daily. This is particularly challenging given changes in feed rate, feed composition, processing equipment capability, commodity prices, inlet/outlet contract terms, and ambient conditions. To address these needs, eSimulation offers two solutions:

Maximizing gas plant profitability by rigorously determining:

  • Optimal product recovery targets
  • Optimal energy consumption

The eSimOptimizer solution provides operators with direct setpoint guidance on the best way to achieve these optimal conditions. The optimal solution considers current inlet volumes / compositions, processing equipment capability (current fouling and efficiencies), producer contracts, and current economic conditions to provide strong returns for our clients.

eSimulation updated its annual Optimization Assessment with 2016 projections and calculated the following estimated profit uplifts for a 200 mmscfd plant (Midcontinent economics, fee-based contracts with fixed recovery / fixed energy performance metrics):

A key tenet of eSimulation’s approach is to include all of the chemical engineering, process modeling, and computer science resources required to keep the eSimOptimizer solution functioning properly and providing valid results. This allows clients to realize value without having to employ the specialized resources required to build and maintain the optimization platform. Most importantly, eSimulation’s approach serves to sustain client value as processing and commercial conditions change over time.