Maximizing Gas Plant Profitability in Turbulent Processing Environments

Presented with Enable Midstream Partners 2014 National GPA Meeting

Rigorous Online Process and Economic Monitoring for Gas Processing Facilities

Presented with Enogex, LLC 2011 National GPA Meeting

Managing and Optimizing Midstream Gross Margin Positions Using a Fully Integrated, Predictive Business Model

Presented with Southern Union Gas Services 2010 National GPA Meeting

Enogex, LLC expands deployment of process optimization solution from eSimulation in its Oklahoma assets

Released with Enogex, LLC, March 2009

eSimulation, Inc. announces release of eSimEvaluator 2.0 for midstream business prediction and management applications

Released Feb. 2008

Enbridge Energy Partners Extends Deployment of eSimOptimizer solution to Avinger and Longview Gas Processing Facilities

Released with Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P. May 2008

Lessons Learned From Deploying Web-Based Optimization Across Enogex’s Gas Processing Assets

Presented with Enogex, Inc. 2007 National GPA Meeting

Driving Value Using Closed Loop Optimization Technology At the Williams Ignacio Plant

Presented with Williams Midstream 2007 National GPA Meeting

Improving the Business Performance of Mid-Stream Gathering and Processing Assets

Presented with Crosstex Energy Services L.P. 2006 National GPA Meeting

Optimizing BP’s Crane Gathering and Processing System

Presented with BP, Inc. 2006 National GPA Meeting, 2006 European GPA Meeting

On-Line Process Optimization at the Western Gas Resources Granger Plant

Presented with Western Gas Resources (Now Anadarko) 2006 National GPA Meeting

Highly Detailed, Web-Based Process Training for the Mid-Stream Industry

Presented with Western gas Resources (Now Anadarko) 2006 Mid-Continent GPA Meeting

Affordable Web-Based Process Training to Improve Operator Effectiveness

Presented with RWD Technologies, Inc. 2004 National GPA Meeting

Improving the Business Performance of DEFS’s South Texas Assets Using Web-Based Optimization Technology

Developed with Duke Energy Field Services 2004 National GPA meeting

Justifying Process Automation Upgrades for Older Facilities

Presented by ONEOK Field Services 2003 National GPA meeting

Alternatives to Optimize Gas Processing Operations

Presented with Enogex, Inc. 2001 Mid-continent GPA, 2002 National GPA, and 2002 European GPA