Mid-stream Business Management

Current Midstream Challenges

The mid-stream natural gas industry is burdened with an overreliance on disparate spreadsheet tools for margin estimation and planning. Functional groups often use different spreadsheet tools to manage the same asset.


Further, investments made in accounting, measurement, and asset control systems are not being fully leveraged to effectively predict and optimize future business performance.

The eSimulation Response

eSimulationSM has solved this dilemma by offering structured, predictive-model based solutions that effectively model and optimize both the economic and physical interactions inherent in mid-stream businesses.


We leverage your accounting, measurement, and asset control infrastructure to provide the cohesive, forward-look, required to evaluate processing alternatives and to effectively predict, manage, and optimize future business performance. Specific value drivers for the eSimulation product set include...

Assess Current Performance

  • Prior month accruals
  • Accrual to actual analyses
  • Budget to actual variance analyses
  • Net gas / Net liquids position management
  • Hedging strategy development

Run Sensitivity Scenarios

  • Processing election management
  • Plant mode determination
  • Fuel & Shrink requirements
  • Flash forecasting
  • Annual budgeting
  • New gas package margin estimates
  • Corporate-wide price and volume sensitivity analyses
  • Long-term plan development
  • Budget re-forecasting

Develop optimum directives

Plant optimization

  • Optimal product recovery targets
  • Efficiency maximization
  • Multi-train loading
  • Cryo / Frac coordination
  • Direct operator guidance
  • Asset performance management/reporting
  • Improve operator competency to better achieve optimal objectives

Supersystem optimization

  • Right gas to the right plants
  • Right gas to the right sales points
  • Set throughput targets for each plant