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eSimulation, Inc., based in Houston, Texas, is a pioneer in applying digital solutions to midstream natural gas gathering and processing. The company’s solutions include cloud-based, commercial software applications and custom projects. The eSimulation optimization solutions have been applied to over 50 natural gas processing units since the company’s inception in 2000. Leading upstream and midstream operators have worked with eSimulation to increase asset efficiencies and value for their trading operations.

In 2019, eSimulation was acquired by ControlSoft, Inc. to offer a wider range of value-added solutions to the midstream and upstream industries. For example, ControlSoft’s MANTRA® advanced process control (APC) platform can help stabilize gas plants, condensate stabilizers, and fractionation facilities and enable operators to effectively hit optimization targets. Furthermore, ControlSoft’s INTUNE®+ control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) software enables operators to evaluate control system health to sustain optimal performance. These solutions complement eSimulation’s in-plant optimization solutions. Together, eSimulation and ControlSoft can deliver a comprehensive digital solution set to oil and gas operators.

“Performance tests have shown that the system is generating significant value for Williams and the associated services contract ensures that value will continue to be delivered and enhanced throughout the life of the system.”

– John Ritter (formerly Williams Midstream) and Davis Begay,
Williams Midstream

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