Gas Gathering Management
and Plant Optimization

  • Resource loss and inventory management
  • Gas plant performance surveillance and optimization
  • Remote performance management for oil and gas gathering systems

“eSimulation has been very receptive to structuring their process optimization solution to meet our needs.”

 -Brian De Luca, former Director of Gas Processing Operations for Enogex
Gas Gathering Product Tracking

Gas Gathering Product Tracking

eSimGatheringTM is a cloud-based multiplatform solution for capturing and accounting gas operating KPIs across a network. Current eSimGathering applications offerings include:

  • Condensate Inventory Management – Tracks condensate volumes, transactions, transfers, component analysis, RVPs, and water-hauling activities.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Captures vent and blowdown information for compressors and pipeline segments.
  • Pig Tracking – Reports events and data related to launching a pig, receiving a pig, and venting data from opening pig barrels.
  • Oil and Gas Volume Tracker – Provides detailed volume and component balances across gathering and processing systems.
Gas Plant Optimization

Gas Plant Optimization

The eSimOptimizerTM solution captures plant data, performs reconciliation in a rigorous optimization model, and suggests setpoint targets to operators for improved equipment and economic performance.  Apply eSimOptimizer in your operations to realize:

  • Better, faster decision-making between engineering and commercial
  • Quick dissemination of plant conditions across company stakeholders
  • Catch operational problems or opportunities early  – in hours instead of months
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Remote Performance Management (RPM)

The eSimulation Remote Performance Management (RPM) solution provides real-time remote monitoring and facilitates delivering a comprehensive overview of operational performance. Key capabilities include:

  • Data historian – collects, stores, and manages data reliably and efficiently
  • Establish meaningful trends – analyze context and patterns of real-time and historical operational data
  • Abnormality detection – alerts operations about irregularities on-site, allowing for timely interventions
  • User-friendly and customizable interface – ensures ease of navigation while presenting insights


In addition to providing commercial, off-the-shelf solutions for gas gathering and processing operations, eSimulation provides engineering and application development consulting services to build custom solutions. Our projects typically include eSimulation and third-party products, integrating technologies from multiple vendors for a fit-for-purpose solution. Our clients are IOCs and midstream operators, and our project experience spans to the digitalization of upstream and downstream operations.

For even more process control optimization expertise, eSimulation has access to the team of engineers at ControlSoft. ControlSoft brings a wealth of knowledge on PID Loop Tuning, Control Loop Performance Monitoring, and Advanced Process Control technologies. ControlSoft has been counted on for nearly 40 years to make smoother, more reliable process control for all their customers. Benefit from their years of experience and successful track record.

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