The Future of PredictionTM

Manage current and future business performance through an integrated business model

eSimulation introduces an innovative tool for midstream operators; an integrated operational and financial model that optimizes tradeoffs while enabling an accurate forecast of future business performance. The eSimulation predictive modeling portfolio is used by gathering and processing companies to:


Lost margins today - a compelling opportunity tomorrow

Currently, most midstream companies have difficulty accounting for both financial and physical interactions in their daily commercial, operational, and planning processes. Frequent fluctuations in operations are not accounted for in planning, forecasting, budgeting, and accruals. Likewise, operations often lacks timely visibility of contract, pricing, and pipeline economic fluctuations that affect their assets. This gap results in lost margin opportunities and eSimulation bridges this gap.

How eSimulation delivers improved business performance

Getting started with eSimulation, enjoy a high ROI

Your business will realize improved margins through this comprehensive business modeling and process optimization technology, resulting in a higher ROI with a positive impact on your current organization.

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