Rigorous Online Process and Economic Monitoring for Gas Processing Facilities

Presented with Enogex, LLC 2011 National GPA Meeting

Shirish C. Mehta eSimulation, Inc. Houston, Texas, U. S. A. Barry D. Ballard Enogex, LLC Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A.


With the current growth of the midstream industry, gas processing companies are increasingly focused on acquiring, expanding, and constructing new gas processing facilities. This diverts the attention of process engineers and operations management towards working on facilities design and commissioning. The result is limited time available for troubleshooting and analysis of plant performance. Enogex, LLC has experienced many of the above challenges. Enogex discussed with eSimulation, Inc. if the existing web-based optimization systems, installed at their cryogenic plants, could be enhanced to proactively address performance degradation. Working with Enogex, eSimulation developed a new tool called the “Process Engineer Support Package” which provides rigorous process performance information. This web based solution allows users to remotely monitor plant and equipment performance for their facility. It also allows them to compare plant operating and economic performance against previous operating periods. The solution includes statistical analysis, charting, and downloading of data required for detailed analysis of plant performance. The paper will describe situations whereby standard process analysis techniques failed to identify the source of the problem and how a rigorous analysis was able to avoid process downtime. The paper will also include a detailed description of the rigorous equipment performance analysis that is provided by eSimulation on a 24/7 basis.

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