eSimulation, Inc. announces release of eSimEvaluator 2.0 for midstream business prediction and management applications

Released Feb. 2008

Houston, TX – 2 February 2009 – eSimulation, Inc. announced today that it has completed a major redesign and upgrade of its eSimEvaluator business modeling and optimization software platform. The software company develops and markets a suite of applications that enable midstream natural gas processing businesses to better plan, forecast, and optimize their margin positions.

eSimEvaluator 2.0 leverages existing measurement, accounting, SCADA, and control infrastructure to populate predictive models that answer the question “what actions should be taken to maximize profits on a go-forward basis?”. Offering significant enhancements over prior versions, eSimEvaluator 2.0 helps midstream natural gas processors to more easily and accurately……

Accrue, forecast, and budget asset performance

• Manage processing elections, fuel/shrink balances, net residue/liquids position, supersystem interactions, and gross margins on a daily basis

• Analyze what-if case scenarios to quickly assess the business impact of economic / operational fluctuations on P&L performance

• Develop pro-forma economics for new gas coming onto the system

• Run price / volume sensitivity analyses in support of the long term planning and budgeting process to improve financial reporting accuracy

• Conduct business and operational variance analyses to describe estimates to actual performance variations

“Current market volatility calls for advanced analytical tools like eSimEvaluator to help midstream gatherers and processors to proactively forecast and manage their margin positions”, says Mark Roop, Principal and Co-Founder of the firm. “Having the means to accurately assess current business performance (accruals), run sensitivity scenarios to predict the impact of economic / operational fluctuations on margin positions (forecasting), and to develop optimal directives to maximize asset value (planning and budgeting) have become essential for competitiveness.”

eSimEvaluator 2.0 offers important enhancements in terms of ease-of-use and overall capability of the product. Some of the specific technical features in eSimEvaluator 2.0 include:

  1. Flowsheeting enhancements that make it easier to build, modify, and maintain eSimEvaluator 2.0 business models.
  2. Autoconnector that automatically builds flowsheet interactions from inlet producer contracts, through processing equipment, and to all residue and NGL liquids sales points.
  3. Contract Model View that makes it easy to review producer contract information, residue/NGL production data, producer payment obligations, and overall contract margins.
  4. Subflowsheets for ease in managing supersystem and corporate-wide interactions. This function makes it easy to roll-up individual asset models for corporate-wide price and volume sensitivity analyses.
  5. Sophisticated measurement system interface that provides for fast and accurate updating of inlet meter volumes and composition data. 6. Automatic scheduling of daily model updates to assure the eSimEvaluator model is always updated with latest data for accrual and forecasting activities.

About eSimulation

eSimulation ( provides advanced software solutions that enable mid-stream operators to accurately manage and forecast their margin positions. These predictive modeling solutions add value by strengthening commercial, gas supply, marketing, and operational business processes, and fully integrating those processes with the long term planning and budgeting process. eSimEvaluatorTM is a model-based planning, forecasting, and business optimization solution that helps management to more effectively address fluctuating economic and operating conditions. eSimOptimizerSM is a plant level optimization solution that helps gas processors to effectively manage the tradeoffs inherent in gas processing facilities and to maximize asset value on a 24/7 basis.

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