eSimEvaluator is a comprehensive, offline business management and optimization solution designed specifically for planning, forecasting, and business-wide optimization applications in the midstream industry. eSimEvaluator is unique in that it models both the economic and physical interactions inherent in midstream enterprises.

Core Technology

Unlike traditional spreadsheet or custom modeling solutions, eSimEvaluator provides:

  1. Visual/Graphic representation of the business - A unique flowsheet visualization environment makes it easy to manage and account for gathering / processing interconnectivity. Economic and process interactions are modeled from the inlet producer contract/meters, through the processing equipment, and to the residue and liquid sales points. Supersystem interconnections are also modeled and optimized.
  2. "What if" case study tool with case storage and case comparison capabilities - eSimEvaluator makes it easy to run "What-if" case analyses and to store the results for future reference. eSimEvaluator allows case results to be compared side-by-side... and for sensitivity analyses to be ran that considers economic and operational fluctuations and their impact on projected P&L...all on a daily, weekly, annual, or multi-year basis.
  3. Detailed mass and energy balance calculations - eSimEvaluator accounts for the material and energy balance interactions around both the residue and NGL sides of the business.

One model for multiple purposes

eSimEvaluator allows the same model to be run in different modes to accommodate different functions:

eSimEvaluator's one model for multiple purposes functionality allows a common decision support tool to be leveraged by all the groups responsible for maximization of asset profitability. eSimEvaluatorTM provides the cohesive forward-look that allows midstream management to predict, manage, and optimize their margin positions on a daily basis.

Data Integration

eSimEvaluator's structured model approach makes it easy to update commonly changed data. Data updates can be accomplished through manual entry, cut-and-paste entry, or through direct connections to subsystems (measurement, accounting, SCADA, plant control systems). The Excel reporting tool makes it easy to compile and analyze case results, and to develop P&L forecasts.

Support Services

eSimulation provides the services to configure the eSimEvaluatorTM business models and to train client personnel on their use. From there, our clients can modify and enhance their models as desired on their own. eSimulation also provides phone and on-site support to assure ongoing success for every eSimEvaluatorTM application.