Enogex, LLC expands deployment of process optimization solution from eSimulation in its Oklahoma assets

Released with Enogex, LLC, March 2009

Houston, TX – March 2009 – eSimulation, Inc. announced that it has entered into a contract with Enogex, LLC to extend the eSimOptimizerTM system to optimize the majority of the midstream company’s gas processing facilities. With this contract, the eSimOptimizer system will be maximizing asset value for 5 of Enogex’s cryogenic gas plants.

This contract represents a slightly different business model for the eSimOptimizer solution. The optimization updates will be scheduled on a daily basis which is adequate for higher product margin environments. During periods of tighter product margins, Enogex can elect to have optimal targets updated every two hours to take full advantage of energy versus product recovery efficiency improvements identified by the eSimOptimizer solution.

The plant optimizers will include eSimulation’s Value Capture Program. The Value Capture Program includes bi-weekly process reporting and follow-up conference calls. The Value Capture Reports provide a detailed description of the optimization move suggestions for operations, engineering and management personnel to review. A brief conference call is then held with each plant to review the optimization moves and to discuss current constraints and operational directives. The Value Capture Program was developed by Enogex and eSimulation and described in a joint technical paper presented at the 2007 National GPA meeting.

“eSimulation has been very receptive to structuring their process optimization solution to meet our needs” said Brian De Luca, Director of Gas Processing Operations for Enogex, “We appreciated them restructuring the optimization scope for high product margin environments and giving us the opportunity to revert to standard updates during low margin environments.”

“Enogex is very effective at integrating the eSimOptimizer results into their operational business process” said Mark Roop, Co-Founder of eSimulation, “They use the eSimOptimizer results described in the Value Capture Reports as a management tool to identify performance gaps and to keep everyone focused on driving value for Enogex.”

Enogex commissioned eSimulation’s first eSimOptimizer system in 2000 and has been utilizing the solution at one or more of its plants since that time.

About Enogex, LLC

Enogex, LLC, a subsidiary of OGE Energy, is a non-regulated natural gas gathering, processing, transportation, production, and energy services company with principal pipeline operations in Oklahoma, and Texas. OGE Energy also is the parent of Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company, a regulated electric utility with nearly 700,000 customers in Oklahoma and western Arkansas.

About eSimulation

eSimulation (www.eSimulation.com) provides advanced software solutions that enable mid-stream operators to accurately manage and forecast their margin positions. These predictive modeling solutions add value by strengthening commercial, gas supply, marketing, and operational business processes, and fully integrating those processes with the long term planning and budgeting process. eSimEvaluatorTM is a model-based planning, forecasting, and business optimization solution that helps management to more effectively address fluctuating economic and operating conditions. eSimOptimizerSM is a plant level optimization solution that helps gas processors to effectively manage the tradeoffs inherent in gas processing facilities and to maximize asset value on a 24/7 basis.

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